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Philosophy and Style of Practice

Rather than take on many different types of cases, and do none of them well, we have chosen to specialize in areas where we believe we have the greatest level of expertise and can provide the highest quality of services to our clients.  We try to make the experience of consulting an attorney as painless as possible.  For all of our estate planning clients, we offer a free initial consultation.  At the end of this consult, we can usually provide you with a proposal for your estate plan, as well as a fixed fee estimate to prepare the proposed documents.  We are usually able to provide fixed fee quotes for our corporate and partnership formation clients as well.  Our remaining services are billed at our normal hourly rates, which we will be happy to provide upon request.  For out of state clients, we are happy to schedule telephone consults.  For our homebound clients, we can arrange house calls, although there may be an additional charge for travel time. Top


Estate Planning - We work with our clients to formulate a plan, and then prepare all of the component parts that are needed to implement that plan.  This may include preparation of Wills, revocable or irrevocable trusts, powers of attorney and advance medical directives, such as Medical Durable Powers of Attorney.  We also assist in planning for family members with special needs, such as physical or mental disabilities.  We provide assistance with business succession planning, including buy sell agreements, and family limited partnership formation.  Many clients have charitable goals with which we can assist them by means of preparing documents to create a family foundation or a charitable trust.  We also have significant experience in preparing estate plans for unamrried and single sex couples. Top


Probate Adminstration  We have significant experience in administering probate estates, both formal and informal.  We are most commonly asked to represent the Personal Representative in performing his or her duties, but have also represented beneficiaries of the estate and creditors pursuing claims against a probate estate.  We have represented clients in will contests and other contested probate proceedings. 



Taxation - We provide all taxation services necessary for our estate planning and probate estate administration practice.  This may include preparation of state and federal estate tax returns, gift tax returns and fiduciary income tax returns.  Although we usually prepare these returns in cases where we are handling the probate administration of the estate, in some cases we will prepare returns for an estate that we have not administered.


Elder Law - "Elder Law" is not a term that we coined, nor one we particularly like.  Our older clients don't have different laws that apply to them, although many do have different concerns.  We perform estate planning services for our elder clients in much the same way that we do for our younger clients.  Many of our older clients are concerned about incapacity and we counsel them about powers of attorney, trusts and other steps that they may take to avoid becoming the subject of an unwanted guarrdianship or conservatorship proceeding. 


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